Punished Brats

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To contact us, you may send an email to customerservice@punishedbrats.com

If you need assistance, please specify in the email how we can help you. If it is regarding your member account, please provide us with some information (name, email addressed used in signing up, username, or subscription number) so that we may look up your account and what issue you are experiencing.

Also, please see the FAQ section below for common problems.


1. Why can't I access the members' section? I am locked out or getting an error message from Pennywize?

Our website is case sensitive which causes 99% of lock out issues. Make sure you are entering your username and password exactly as you signed up including the use of lowercase and capital letters. If you cannot remember your username or password, please email us or contact CCBill customer service for assistance.

2. I am unable to join using CCBill. What are my other options?

You may send payment (check, money order, or cash) via postal service. $22 for 30 days non-recurring or $58.50 for 90 days non-recurring. Please be sure to include a valid email address so that we may notify you that your account has been created upon receipt of payment. For your convenience, provided is a link to a mail order form.

Send payments to:

PB Productions
P.O. Box 413
Doylestown , PA 18901

You may also pay online via credit card using our DVD storefront. Click HERE for more information.

We do not standardly take orders via phone, but if this is your preferred payment method, please email us to set up a time to speak with David to place an order.

3. How can I cancel my account?

Visit CCBill customer service at https://support.ccbill.com/ to log in and cancel or change your subscription at any time.

4. The credit card I have on file for my recurring membership is set to expire soon / will be cancelled soon. How can I update my credit card information?

By logging into https://support.ccbill.com/ you can update your credit card or other billing information. We at Punished Brats do not have any access to credit card numbers or your other billing info and cannot do this for you. **Please note, if you have a long-time recurring membership that is still be charged at the lower introductory rate of $15, it is very important that you update your credit card information before it expires. We will not be able to reregister you at the introductory rate if a rebill attempt fails.**

5. I am interested in becoming a model for your website. Where can I get more information?

Please visit our model FAQ section HERE.

6. Do you do custom video work?

No, at this time we do not create custom videos. We do review and appreciate any scene ideas (very brief descriptions of why the girl might get spanked work best) that are submitted to us, but we cannot make any guarantees as to if or when they may be used.


To contact us, you may send an email to customerservice@punishedbrats.com