Punished Brats

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Custom Videos

Would you like to see your spanking fantasy played out for you to view any time you wish?

To submit your custom video request, contact us at customerservice@punishedbrats.com. Please send a brief description of the scene(s) you envision. Once we have determined if we will be able to meet your needs, we will then be happy to receive a more detailed outline.

While we are a spanking site, we will consider the inclusion of other fetishes (tickling, age play, light bondage, etc) in scenes IF acceptable to the models. Spanking scenes may be M/F, F/F, or female self-spanking. It doesn't hurt to ask, but we reserve the right to decline if unable to accommodate.



The cost can vary greatly depending on:

1. The number of models you require
2. The length of the video
3. Which models you request **

** Not all of our models are local. If a model needs to travel to the area specifically to film, we will need to include the travel expenses in the total cost.

A 20-minute finished video will take us approximately 2 hours to film and a rough cost estimate would be $500 for it to feature 1 spanker and 1 spankee. Prices increase with longer, more elaborate scripts and larger casts. We will be able to quote you a more accurate figure once you let us know what you are looking for.


Payment Option

We accept Money Orders only at this time. Payment must be made in full prior to us booking the model(s).


Will you work from a script?

We cannot ask the models to learn multiple pages of dialogue, but if there are a few key lines or hot button words you'd like to have included, let us know. Otherwise the models will ad lib the given idea for the storyline. This provides the most natural outcome to a scene. While we will do our best to adhere to specific details, it is not possible for us to control all aspects of the shoot such as the weather.


Can I specify wardrobe? Will you film nude scenes?

Our models generally provide their own wardrobe with the exception of school and cheerleading uniforms which we provide. If specific outfits are required and not something the model might own, the purchase price of the attire will be added to the total custom video fee.

Yes, we will film nude scenes, if agreeable to the model. Not all models are willing to do full nudity, but all will take bare bottom spankings. Models willing to do full nudity are noted in the chart below:

Who are the current available models?


- local
- full nudity
- tops/switches

- local
- full nudity

- local
- full nudity

- local
- tops/switches

- local
- full nudity

- local
- full nudity

- local
- full nudity
- age play / ABDL

- local





Once we have your scene ideas, we will contact your requested model(s) for their approval. If they are not willing to participate, you may choose to select an alternate model or you may cancel your request.

Upon agreeing to the content and confirming model availability, we will book the shoot. After booking, no changes or additions to the agreed upon scene are accepted.

Only in the case that we need to cancel a shoot will we offer a full refund.


What format can I receive my custom video?

We can send you a DVD or make a Windows Media or Real Media file available for download to your computer. Please note that the video file of a full video would be be a very large file and may take some time to download.


How long will it take to film and receive my video?

This will depend largely on the availability of the model and when we can book the shoot. Post-production of a standard shoot requires approximately 2 weeks, but every effort will be made to get the content to you sooner



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