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August 22, 2014

Failure will not be Tolerated - Part 1


WMV Video Preview

Mandie had a bad case of senioritis, a serious problem in which seniors nearing their end at school have trouble staying motivated. This malarkey is not tolerated at the Amber Wells' School For Girls. When Mandie did poorly on her midterms and was called to Professor Valentine's office, she was all but certain that she was going to be spanked. Before arriving at the Professor's office she thought "I hope he doesn't spank me on the bare." When confronted by Dr. Valentine, Mandie was chastised for doing much less than her best and she was to be spanked for it. With her composure gradually crumbling, all Mandie could say, in a tremulous voice, was "I'm sorry." She soon found herself over Dr. Valentine's lap, skirt lifted and being spanked upon her regulation white panties. After about a minute or so, Mandie's greatest fear was realized and her panties were lowered. Under the pain of the spanking, Mandie soon forgot about her exposed bottom and pleaded for this punishment to stop.

August 29, 2014

Drive Safely - Part 2


WMV Video Preview

After about two minutes of spanking, Veronica had her niece sit up. "Is my spanking over?" a puzzled Laci asked. Her Aunt told her that she spanked her because she loved her and didn't want bad things to happen to her. They hugged and then suddenly, Laci was back over her Aunt's lap for the rest of her punishment. Once finished, Laci was left to lay on her belly and to think about what was learned. As Laci tried to rub the pain from her bottom she wished that she was loved just a little less.

August 27, 2014

I Feel Sick - Part 1


WMV Video Preview

As part of her Punishment, Adriana was made to wear her little girl frilly panties under her school uniform. Adriana was so fearful of this embarrassing form of punishment being discovered by her school mates, that she feigned illness. "I can't go to school, I feel feverish," she told her mother. Not believing this claim in any way, Adriana's mother left the room briefly, returning with a thermometer in one hand and a large hairbrush in the other. Adriana was mortified when she found herself over her mother's lap and the thermometer inserted into her bottom, a reminder that her adult privileges had been revoked for the week. When, invariably, it was found that Adriana wasn't sick, her mother then employed the heavy hairbrush to her already exposed bottom.

August 25, 2014

The End of Probation - Part 2


WMV Video Preview

As Joelle kicks and writhes to the painful rhythm sent upon her bare bottom by Headmaster Valentine's hands, she realized that she had much to learn from those with more experience before revolutionizing the field of instruction. Failure to do so results in many a painful lesson.

August 22, 2014

Drive Safely - Part 1


WMV Video Preview

Laci was in an car accident and her Aunt Veronica was told it was because she was texting while driving. Laci informed her Aunt that the accident wasn't the result of texting, but rather, her shoes prevented her from pressing on the brake. "That's just as stupid," Aunt Veronica said as she took her bratty niece over her lap for another spanking. The spanking started over her dress and then her very cute panties. Laci let out a shriek as her panties were taken down and she was spanked upon the bare.

August 20, 2014

Earned Stripes - Part 2


WMV Video Preview

As her caning proceeded Penny wasn't sure how she was going to survive. All she knew was that with each stroke of the cane, sounds of anguish emanated from her mouth that she didn't know were possible. Dr. Pierson would give Penny a moment to scream and wait for the pain to subside and then reposition her so that her bottom was back and tilted up to provide the best possible target. After her punishment was completed, Penny was lectured on the hazards of hacking and then made to stand in the corner to contemplate her actions and the punishments she suffered over the past several days.



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