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September 19, 2014

Artist's Model - Part 1


WMV Video Preview

Joelle had picked Erica from the many models at the agency to do a commercial shoot to sell computers, despite her reputation of being difficult, Joelle decided to take a chance on Erica under the assumption that if Erica couldn't make computers sexy, no one could. To Joelle's horror, Erica just wouldn't put out any energy during the shoot. Joelle knew how to get her money's worth out of this problematic muse. To motivate her, she took Erica over her lap and spanked her. She started the discipline over her dress. After a time the aggravated artist lifted the dress and spanked the exotic beauty on her panties. Erica let out a gasp as Joelle lowered her panties and spanked the model on her bare bottom.

September 17, 2014

Disorder in the Family - Part 2


WMV Video Preview

When the punk girl, known to her friends as Penny Dreadful, found herself over her governess' lap with her bottom bared for a spanking, she was naturally shocked but determined to maintain her rebellious attitude. This desire was quickly replaced by a more intense need for the burning sensation building up on her bottom to stop. This purveyor of anarchy soon regressed to behaviors more suited to a little girl receiving a spanking. She pleaded with Veronica to stop and promised to be good. Once her punishment was over, Penny was placed in the corner, pants and underwear down around her ankles, bare bottom on display. While in the corner Penny rubbed her bottom and gave Veronica the finger, while she wasn't looking. Realizing the futility of that action, Penny rubbed her sore bottom, rested her head on the wall and cried.

September 15, 2014

Sneaking Computer Time - Part 1


WMV Video Preview

As part of her punishment, Adriana was denied the use of her cell phone and computers. When Adriana's father's iPad went missing her mother knew just where too look. A quick trip to her daughter's room turned up the missing device. Adriana's pajama bottoms were pulled down and the naughty brat was given a hard strapping upon her bare bottom.

September 14, 2014

Go Ask Alice - Full Movie


WMV Video Preview

Alice had just arrived home from "the other side of the looking glass" and wanted to tell her mother about her adventures in Wonderland. When she attempted to deliver the tale of her travels, her mother was sure that she had been taking illegal substances. Alice found herself over her angry mother's lap receiving a hard spanking. Alice admitted to taking a few pills in Wonderland. One made her larger; the other small. When asked what the pill bottle said, Alice replied "Eat Me." Then her spanking got much worse.

September 12, 2014

Spankings are Family Matters - Part 2


WMV Video Preview

As her uncle's large hands descended upon her naked bottom, under the watchful gaze of Aunt Veronica, Laci found his silence disconcerting as the only sounds to be heard in the house were her own cries for forgiveness.

September 10, 2014

Disorder in the Family - Part 1


WMV Video Preview

It is 1977 and Dr. Pierson's daughter, Penny, has started to hang with the punk crowd. His good little girl had taken to wearing ripped jeans and military boots. The good doctor had convinced himself that this was but a phase and that there was nothing to worry about. That was until the day when his sweet child came home with a Mohawk haircut. It was then that Dr. Pierson decided to get help in managing dreadful Penny. He arranged to obtain a governess who specialized in dealing with such matters. When Penny was introduced to her "governess," Miss Veronica, she hurled a few expletives in her direction. Miss Veronica asked to speak with Penny alone. As soon as Dr. Pierson left the room, Veronica took the girl by the arm and informed her that she was messing around with the wrong woman. Suddenly, Penny found herself over her governess's lap having her bottom warmed though her jeans. Soon her pants were lowered and the spanking continued with only her purple panties for protection. Penny let out a shriek as those panties were lowered and Penny's lesson in respect was directed towards her bared bottom.



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