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Where spoiled brats get the spankings they deserve

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April 21, 2014

The Assessment


WMV Video Preview

Today is Mandie's first day at Discipline Camp to pay for her third misdemeanor offence under the newly formed government. Mandie's first ordeal is to suffer an humiliating assessment at the hands of Nurse Audrey. She is made to strip off her clothes and is roughly evaluated. Then she is made to bend over and have her temperature taken rectally. Once the thermometer was removed the brat in Mandie could not help herself and she called Nurse Audrey a "fucking pervert." The sadistic nurse replied with a strap to the naked girls bottom until the tears flowed.

April 18, 2014

No Panties - Part 1


WMV Video Preview

Cadence went out to a party without telling Joelle. When Cadence didn't come home at her usual time Joelle worried about her little sister. She stayed up fretting and gradually fell asleep. It was after three in the morning when Cadence arrived home and attempted to sneak past her sleeping sister. Joelle woke up furious over the worry her little sister put her through. Her anger was exacerbated when she discovered that, under the short dress she wore, Cadence was not wearing panties. Cadence as sent upstairs to put on her PJ's and then to receive a hard spanking with the leather paddle upon her bare bottom.

April 16, 2014

Digital Troubles - Part 2


WMV Video Preview

The stern Miss Audrey, an agent of the government, continues to punish the precocious cyberpunk, switching between her hand the leather paddle. The naked and vulnerable Penny promises not to hack into the governments computers again and pleads for the spanking to stop. Following her punishment, Agent Audrey forces Penny to sit on a hard stool , hurting her soundly spanked, bare bottom. In the position, Miss Audrey explains the dire consequences awaiting the Cyberpunk should she breech government security again.

April 14, 2014

Mr. Valentine's Office - Part 1


WMV Video Preview

Being summoned to Mr. Valentine's office sparks fear in of all students at "The Amber Wells Academy". Just as she has been misbehaving at home so has she been at school. Upon arrival to Mr. Valentine's office she is informed that she is be spanked and soon finds herself over the principal's lap. Mr. Valentine was not amused when he lifted the girl's skirt and saw that she was wearing "Bat -Panties". As her spanking began and the pain from her spanking was becoming unbearable, she wished that Batman would come to her rescue. She blushed with humiliation as her panties were lowered and her punishment was delivered upon her bare bottom.

April 11, 2014

Speeding - Part 2


WMV Video Preview

At first Audrey was indignant over being taken over her father's lap and having her bottom exposed for punishment. With just a few smacks from her father's large and powerful hands, the spoiled brat tearfully promises to be good and begs for the discipline to stop. At the conclusion of her spanking, Audrey is placed in the corner, her bottom on display, to contemplate the seriousness of her poor behavior. Audrey places her sunglasses on to hide her tears and humiliation.

April 9, 2014

Digital Troubles - Part 1


WMV Video Preview

Penny is a brilliant, yet precocious student and a master of all things digital. She would often hack into a system simply for the challenge of it. One day Penny was being chastised by Professor Valentine for hacking into the school's system to change a grade when he received the alarming news the Miss Audrey of the national security apparatus was there. She informed the professor that his protégé had broken into the national defense computers. Miss Audrey made the girl strip off her clothing for a check. The she spanked her with a leather paddle and her hand for having the audacity of violating the defense grid.



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