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October 20, 2014

The Girl with something Special - Part 2


WMV Video Preview

Erica couldn't believe that the noise in the room was emanating from her own mouth. Despite her best efforts she couldn't help but cry out as Joelle the sadistic but lovely cyborg struck her naked bottom over and over. Erica promised not to fail an assignment again due to carelessness. After the spanking was over, Joelle placed the genetically enhanced girl in front of the computer, pants down, to debrief Bill on the events of that day. Afterwards, while standing with her hands placed firmly on her head and red bottom on display, Erica thought "I'm going to kill Bill."

October 17, 2014

Charge It - Part 1


WMV Video Preview

Audrey is Michael's very hot trophy wife who usually gets her way by encouraging her husband to think with an organ other than his brain. After a meeting with his accountant in which he was apprised that his lovely spouse had gone way over budget on the refurbishing of the guest house, he finally decided to take Audrey in hand and spank her like the brat she was. He bent her over a stool, pulled down her panties. In this position, she noted that "with my panties down like this, there must be something else you'd rather do than spank me?" She was wrong, and let out a shriek as Michael's spanked her by hand and then belt.

October 15, 2014

The Best Remedy - Part 2


WMV Video Preview

As Adriana's spanking progressed, all in the house could hear her beg for this punishment to stop. Finally, after promising to be good, her torment ended. Her mother instructed that there would be more spankings if she continued to violate the terms of her punishment. As Veronica turned to leave the room Adriana said "bitch." To her horror, she realized just a bit too late that it was audible. Her mother plucked the girl from bed and sat her on her little girl stool. Adriana's heart sank as her mother returned with a wet wash cloth and a bar of soap. Adriana's mouth was thoroughly cleansed and she was left foaming at the mouth, literally.

October 13, 2014

The Girl with something Special - Part 1


WMV Video Preview

Erica is a genetically enhanced human with strength and speed far in excess of any other human. She works for a secret organization whose mission is to keep the country safe. It had been a long time since she had made such a blunder on assignment and needed to be extracted to a safe house by her handler Bill. Erica knew that she was in trouble and dreaded the arrival of Bill. She was shocked when, instead of Bill, Joelle arrived. She had only accepted punishment from Bill before. When Erica protested this situation and reminded Joelle that she is a genetically enhanced human, with a threat implied; Joelle responded that she was a Cyborg with strength far in excess of hers. Suddenly, Erica knew who she was facing. Joelle is Bill's second in command, she is known for being both beautiful and sadistic. Erica had no choice but to submit to her punishment as resistance would be futile. Joelle pulled out a leather paddle and gave Erica a hard punishment that proceeded in a methodical way. First to the seat of her pants, proceeding to her panties and finally her bare bottom. Erica could only shout out with pain which brought much pleasure to Joelle.

October 12, 2014

Cheers for Tears


WMV Video Preview

A Punishedbrats Extra Over the years I have been asked many times if this video was available to be seen on the website. I didn't know truthfully. It was a major part of the 'Spanking Pixie Vol.1 ' DVD. Well, we found the video but not the pics. So I made a few video grabs. Should Pixie find the pix I will post then too. We shot this video about one week before Christmas in 2005. This was the first time that Pixie broke an expensive implement with her bottom of Steel. Pixie broke many an implement in her time with her famous bottom and many a top needed to use their safeword because their hands were sore
Pixie plays a sassy cheerleader who thinks she can talk her way out of suspension from the team by suggesting a few quick spanks. But Pixie is taught a hard lesson in humility with a firm over the knee spanking and later, a paddling. During the paddling scene you will see Pixie (buns of steel) Wells break an oak paddle with her bottom.

October 10, 2014

Poor Work Ethic - Part 2


WMV Video Preview

As Julie's hands fell over and over upon the naked model's bottom, Nikki pleaded for the punishment to stop. Julie was unmoved and continued to spank the bratty model while explaining how her behavior cost her money. After the spanking, Julie made Nikki pose for picture immediately after the spanking with tears streaming down her face and her red bottom on display. Nikki felt humiliated and worried as she had no idea what Julie intended to do with the photographs.

October 8, 2014

The Best Remedy - Part 1


WMV Video Preview

Adriana is still in a state of shock. Because of her penchant for throwing tantrums like a spoiled child, Adriana's mother has decided to treat her accordingly, by making her dress in clothes more appropriate for a seven year old. In addition to this humiliation, she is not permitted to use her computer or cell phone. Adriana's heart sunk when her mother caught her on her cell phone with a friend. She knows that she is subject to punishments suitable for a seven year old as well. Quickly she was taken over her mother's lap for a bare bottom spanking.



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