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Schoolgirl Spanking Special

Schoolgirl Spanking Special

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Running time: 45 minutes


Amber Pixie Wells
Sierra Salem
David Pierson


The Letter Home
The Letter Home
A Special Detention
A Special Detention
Sierra & the Headmaster
Sierra & The Headmaster





Schoolgirl Spanking Special

Schoolgirl Spanking Special is another unique creation from the creative team at Punished Brats Productions. Once again, a special assemblage of talent has created a very special treat for all fans of spanking videos. This production features three of today’s top spanking stars and three of today’s top directors and videographers.

1. The Letter Home
Starring Pixie & David Pierson

Pixie has been a rather naughty girl at the exclusive girl’s school she attends. She has been avoiding class, disrespectful to her teachers, and has hacked into the school’s database. The principal of Pixie’s school sends a letter home encouraging her guardian to take the appropriate action to get his charge in hand. In an effort to do so Pixie is given a hard, bare-bottom hand spanking by hand and wooden hairbrush until she promises to be a good girl at school.

Being the brat she is, the day after her spanking Pixie places at thumb tack on the seat of her principal in an attempt to get even for the punishment she suffered the prior evening. A call is placed to her guardian and a very severe punishment is administered to Pixie at bedtime. The naughty blonde has her Pajama bottoms removed and she is severely spanked by hand, wooden spoon, thick oval oak paddle and strap.

Warning: This production contains scenes of severe discipline spanking.

2. A Special Detention
Starring Genesis, Pixie and David Pierson

Genesis and Pixie have been caught defacing school property. Both Genesis and Pixie have had behavioral problems for some time. They now find themselves in the headmaster’s office. The headmaster informs both naughty schoolgirls that they are to be spanked for their transgressions. Pixie is first to go over the headmaster’s lap. She is spanked bare bottomed by hand and is given a hand spanking with a strap for resisting having her panties lowered. Genesis’s punishment is much more severe as it is felt that she is the ringleader and had led Pixie astray. Genesis is given a hard, bare-bottomed spanking by hand, ruler, strap and cane.

3. Sierra and the Headmaster
Starring Sierra Salem & David Pierson

Schoolgirl, Sierra Salem is called to the Headmaster’s office after she was caught stealing a bottle of vodka from a local shop. Sierra fails to recognize the seriousness of the situation until she is taken over the headmaster’s lap and given a hard bare-bottom spanking. She is also punished by paddle and cane.

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