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Leia-Ann Woods - British Brat

Leia-Ann Woods - British Brat

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Preview Clip

Running time: 50 minutes

Leia-Ann Woods
with Amber
Pixie Wells, Richard Windsor, and David Pierson

Leia's Lesson
Naughty Truants
Noisy Slumber Party
Leia & Her Uncle


Leia-Ann Woods: British Brat

Our most elaborate production to date featuring the talents of British star Leia-Ann Woods as well as an ensemble cast of Pixie Wells, David Pierson, and English newcomer, Richard Windsor. With Leia and Pixie as our featured performers you know there will be lots of fun, hard-hitting spanking action.

This video features five tales of chastisement.

1. Leia's Lesson

Summoned from her riding lesson, Leia is confronted by her American benefactor (David Pierson) for behaving poorly at school and during equestrian training. For her misdeeds, Leia is given a hard hand spanking and strapped.

2. Naughty Truants

Leia and Pixie are caught cutting class by Mr. Windsor and are ordered to report to the headmaster's office. After giving the girls a sound bare bottom spanking himself, Mr. Windsor turns the girls over to Headmaster Pierson for ten whacks with the school's large wooden paddle.

3. Noisy Slumber Party

Leia and Pixie just won't settle down and go to sleep. Fed up with asking the girls to be quiet, David spanks each girl firmly with a wooden hairbrush and stands them in the corner.

4. Leia and Her Uncle

Leia returns home well past curfew to her uncle who is most displeased with her recent behavior. Uncle Richard informs the girl that while she's living under his roof she'll follow his rules and drives the message home with a bare bottom spanking and strapping.

5. Leia and the Headmaster

After continued misbehavior, Leia-Ann is summoned to the headmaster's office. Spankings and paddlings have done little to improve Miss Wood's demeanor and so she must submit to twelve strokes with the senior cane.

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