Punished Brats
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Pandora Blake
Veronica Bound

Pandora has taken a temporary job as Veronica's maid. Veronica is a tough, demanding boss with an impressive collection of disciplinary implements. Pandora is in for a difficult employment period.

1. Color Me Red

Pandora is not off to a good start in her new job when she fails to separate the laundry properly. Veronica ends up with all of her whites being dyed in the wash and now she is going to make sure Pandora's bottom is just as red as her formerly white shirt is now.

2. Grievances

Veronica and Pandora are having a disagreement over everything from reasonable expectations to the dowdy maid's uniform. Finally Veronica has had enough and declares Pandora may remove the offensive uniform as she'll have little need for it for a while as her bare bottom is paddled.

3. Curiosity

Pandora spies a strange object sticking out of one of Veronica's dresser drawers. She decides to have a little peek when Veronica catches her snooping red handed. Veronica takes one of the straps Pandora has found and lets her experience first hand how it is used.

4. Tic Toc

An antique clock has suddenly stopped working and Veronica is sure Pandora mishandled it and broke it while cleaning. Will the truth of the matter come out while Pandora takes a five minute timed spanking?

5. Unwinding

Pandora's temporary assignment working for Veronica is coming to a close. Figuring she has nothing to lose, Pandora decides to give herself a little respite while Veronica is out for the day and indulges in a glass of wine and a hot bubble bath in Veronica's tub. Veronica returns home early and uses the cane on Pandora's wet bottom upon catching the willful maid taking advantage.



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