Punished Brats
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Student Housing - $30.00

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Veronica Bound

Student Housing
Landlady Veronica is tired of all of the problems she's had renting apartments to college students. When the dean of the local college convince her to give one more student tenant a shot, she agrees but puts a corporal punishment clause in the lease.

1. No Dogs Allowed

Ariel quickly learns that the contract she signed agreeing to corporal punishment was no joke when she breaks the no pets policy by allowing a friend's dog onto the property. Veronica ignores Ariel's excuses and puts the girl right over he knee for a bare bottom spanking

2. Rent Check

Ariel is a few days late with the rent and when she claims that the check was eaten by the dog that wasn't supposed to be on the property, Veronica is not amused.

3. The High Life

Veronica came to do a maintenance inspection on the apartment and discovers a joint under the futon. Adriana is in a lot of trouble when she returns home and has to face Veronica.

4. Locked Out

Adriana locked herself out of the apartment and has no one to call to let her in at 2:30am other than Veronica. And Veronica is definitely not happy to receive the early wake up call.

5. Damage Done

Veronica's car is scraped and dented and all evidence suggests Adriana backed into it with her own vehicle. But Adriana is not about to admit to anything. Will Veronica be able to get the bottom of the matter?



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