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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.
Pixie's Previews

It's just under 2 weeks until our next shoot and we are already gearing up. We're drafting scripts, gathering wardrobe, and making props. The tops are working out their spanking arms and the brats are perfecting their bad attitudes.

And here's the line up ...

The Bratty Bunch
Veronica, Susan, Pixie, Jessica, Janine, David, Chloe, and Holly

When I went to select pictures of each of the cast members for the February shoot, I noticed that everyone was looking in a different direction. I couldn't resist making us into the Bratty Bunch! We really are like a big family ... only extra quirky and with lots of spanking going on.

The mystery girl pictured with the big red question mark is our new model, Chloe. I wish I could show you her picture now because she is super cute, but unfortunately I have to wait until we have written permission once we shoot with her. I guess we'll just have to wait another couple of weeks. Sigh. I know, patience is not my strongsuit either.


Recently I've received quite a few emails asking if we take requests or suggestions for scene ideas. The answer is yes. We always enjoy receiving feedback and suggestions of what our members might like to see on Punished Brats - scenarios, themes, outfits, positions, etc. Many times your comments can be used to inspire a scene. However, we cannot guarantee that your idea will always be filmed as it must be within the scope of the Punished Brats concept and if models are specified, the girls must be available and agreeable to the scene and implements as applicable. But we're always interested in hearing your ideas and whenever possible, we'll use your feedback in future shoots.

Until next time when I'll bring you more behind the scenes scoop, spanking pics, and maybe even some spanking video clip previews,
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