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Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.
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What's the last thing you want to hear when you've just finished a scene complete with kicking, squirming, and a fiery red spanked bottom? "Ummmm ... we'll need to reshoot that. Sorry!"

Well, that's what we feared when a bad batch of tapes were used for the first three scenes we shot. Everything looked fine until the footage was put into the editing computer and then it was apparent something was very wrong.

This of course caused a bit of distress for everyone on set, but we weren't really going to ask anyone to take their spankings over again. We just reshot the scene set up portions and crossed our fingers that the remaining footage could be salvaged.

Thankfully, Eric was able to perform some sort of tech / editing magic and nothing was lost. All of the scenes turned out really well.

Honestly, we did offer Angelina a chair to sit on, but she preferred the floor. Maybe the cool tile was soothing to a freshly spanked bottom?
This was Andy's first shoot with us. She was great and thankfully she and her boyfriend (yep, sorry guys, she's taken!) were very cool and patient even with all the tech issues causing delays.
Veronica brushed up on her celebrity gossip by reading top quality magazines. But she still couldn't decide who Cameron should date next.

It looks like I'm trying to punch Veronica! You're going to spank me? Pow!!
Maybe I need to lay off the kickboxing a little.
We continued to have fits of giggles as we teased eachother between scenes. We were pretty both pretty "slap happy" by the end of this long day.

Until next time, David says, spank long and prosper!

Next week I'll post the video clip showing our behind the scenes fun, bloopers, and some sneak previews of the new spanking action coming soon to Punished Brats.

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