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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

Our triple blonde shoot went really well and was a lot of fun too.

Here is our newest model, Charlie Skye. She was great. Very relaxed and all smiles ... well, until those stingy spanks began to register! Her first scene will debut on Monday, June 4th.

Our shoot was a series of "wardrobe malfunctions"!!

In our first scene of the day, Miss Manners, Veronica's bra was on display in her wide neck dress. We giggled at how inappropriate it would be for Miss Manners to be showing her intimate apparel to her clients ... but it turns out this was very mild compared to what came next.
In the same scene, I was taken by the arm and tossed over Veronica's lap. My little sundress was no match for Newton's Law and my boobs spilled right over the top Janet Jackson style. We tried again and although I managed to stay tucked in while going over this time, the law of gravity kicked in while hanging upside down over Veronica's knees and my boobs made a second on camera appearance. Thankfully Veronica was able to knot my dress straps tight enough so that we could finish the scene with only my bottom half exposed.

Charlie followed suit with her own wardrobe malfunction. Not having any straps at all, her dress slipped right down as she was put into spanking position on the couch. Some double sided tape and careful hand placement while being taken otk kept everything in check during the second take.

I was kinda hoping Chloe would tumble out of her top just to make things even all across the board, but apparently her clothing choices all had good cleavage control.

Chloe tried to flip her hair onto Veronica's head to show how she'd look blonde like all of her bratty "daughters".
Veronica showed that cashews might just have the same strange intoxicating powers as cheese.
David wants to know what you're looking at. Can't you see he's rather busy at the moment?

Make sure to stop by next week for the Pixie's Previews video clip complete with bloopers!

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