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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

It was a very long (even for us) shoot last weekend. It seemed like everyone was in a silly mood which, while it pushed back the time we called it a wrap, made for a great time had by all and a lot of good outtakes for the Pixie's Preview clip. I'll post the video clip next week so be sure to check back to see what went on.

In addition to our normal video shoot, we also took some very nice photos on Friday and in between scenes on Saturday. Below are just a few of the photos that will soon be posted to the members gallery (in their full size of course). The members gallery has made a nice addition to our site to show our models upright and often smiling to supplement the photos of us spanked and grimacing.

We shot a lot of great scenes on Saturday. Each one really turned out well. Sarah Gregory and Chloe Elise played cousins that brought big city trouble to a small town and had to be dealt with by one upset Aunt Veronica. Chloe also was in not one, but two pajama spanking scenes with George Richards and then received a good dose of the oak paddle from Headmaster Pierson. Sarah expertly played a very moody daughter and a snotty spanking starlet in her other two scenes. Veronica just as expertly gave Sarah the attitude adjustments she was asking for. George spanked me quite hard for breaking multiple household rules, and Veronica gave me a hairbrush spanking to tears followed by a mouth soaping. To the member who requested this scene, I hope you will enjoy it!

Ian was supposed to join us as well for this shoot, but unfortunately due to an unforseen scheduling conflict, he was unable to make it. I know that a number of you have emailed saying that you looked forward to Ian's return, but while it didn't work out this time, we certainly hope to have him back soon.

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