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Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

We had an absolutely amazing time with Clare Fonda yesterday and came away with a lot of fantastic content. Despite staying up way too late talking and giggling like school girls the night before the big shoot, Clare had her lines down (hey, at least part of our gabfest involved actual rehearsal time) and her spanking arm raring to go.

From cheerleaders to unhappy campers to naughty pajama clad girls, Clare did her best to teach us rotten brats a good lesson.

Of course all that spanking led not only to three sorry bottoms, but also one very sore hand. Don't worry. That little bandaid you see on Clare's pinky finger is not evidence of a spank-related injury. She managed to nick herself on a branch during an adventurous hike we took the day before (more on that story to come on my blog).

The redness? Well, yes I suppose that is our doing.

Clare didn't just end up with a sore, red hand though. She also came away with a sore, red bottom courtesy of Mr. Pierson.

In their scene, Tardy, Clare plays a teacher who repeatedly arrives late for work and is full of endless excuses as to why. Coincidentally, Clare had a bit of real life trouble being punctual recently and ended up missing her flight to the east coast. She no doubt got a few extra smacks for this, but honestly the scene was selected well in advance of her travel date. I guess life really does imitate art on sometimes.

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