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Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

2 More Fresh Faces - Spankee, Erica Corvina, and spanker, M M.

Erica Corvina

Erica is a sweet, quiet girl that is quick to smile and giggle, but when it was time to be a brat, she didn't hold back. She kicked, fussed, whined, and talked back like a girl in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. You'll love to see her pretty pout as her shapely bottom quickly turns red.

M came armed with a firm hand and a stern tone, perfect for putting naughty brats in their place. Even those that sat off set and could only hear M handing out discipline in another room commented that clearly an effective spanking. And when you see the red bottomed evidence as well, there's no doubt that M means business when it comes to the task of disciplining naughty brats.

Look at Erica's perfect pout and adorable reddened rear as she is over M's knee.
My governess Veronica thought a big spoonful of spanking is far better than a spoonful of sugar.
Chloe played a daredevil skateboarder who earned a serious spanking in Stupid Stunt.

And speaking of stupid stunts, Chloe and I got into some of our usual between scene antics.


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