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Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

George Richards unfortunately had to cancel his trip up to shoot with us at the last minute. Thankfully, Holly was able to come join us on short notice and take on many of George's scenes in the role of spanker.

Of course we had to do a few quick script changes as we had roles chosen for George where a young female spanker wouldn't quite work, but Holly jumped right into the modified roles and everything went super smoothly.

Holly was simply fantastic as a spanker and we really gave her arm a workout today. While she's spanked girls on our site before, this is the first time she's worked exclusively as a spanker for an entire shoot. Don't worry though. Holly isn't giving up getting her own bottom smacked. We have her scheduled for the next shoot and I promise you'll see lots of Holly on the receiving end.

I'm very pleased to introduce to you our newest brat, Helen Lei. She is incredibly sweet and so
delicate. She's an absolute delight to work with and makes very cute "ows"and modest protests as
she gets spanked.

Super cutie Morgan Mae came back to work with us again. She's adament that she's not the cheerleader type, but she certainly plays the part well! Miss Morgan also got a taste of the hairbrush
this time around. When asked to sum up her experience, she said, "STINGY!!"

I started my day with Holly paddling my bottom and ended it with her using three different hairbrushes on me. During a break, I literally had to sit on an ice pack as the paddle left a kiss-like mark on my thigh. Yeowch! While as I type this entry now, I don't hurt too bad, I have a feeling I'm going to really be sore tomorrow. Wood has a way of sneaking up on you that way.

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