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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

I'm very pleased to introduce the newest addition to the Punished Brats team, Paul Wilson.

Paul was fantastic! He gave great spankings, really got into his various roles, and just fit right in. Judging from this photo from the scene "CP College" with Erica Corvina, I think he had a good time shooting with us. Certainly hope so, as we'd love to have him back in again soon.

Paul was all business here in these photos. He dilligently colored in Morgan's tan lines in "Aunt Rita's Comments" (straight to the bare so you can watch as her outlined cheeks go from pale to glowing) and thoroughly smacked my bottom with the bathbrush in "Sending The Message".

Morgan, Erica, and I were also spanked soundly by Veronica and David yesterday.

My first scene of the morning was a straight to the bare strapping with the belt. What a wake up call!
Morgan proved just how color coordinated she could be by sporting matching hair, nails, panties, and buns!
Erica met her fate with a very mean looking Veronica and an even meaner feeling wooden paddle.
David didn't waste any time getting to the seat of the problem with Erica in this straight to the bare bottom spanking.
Professor Pierson used the meter stick to teach me a lesson.
Morgan was the lucky girl to receive the first spanking with David's new leather paddle. I think Morgan would prefer him to make a merchandise return, STAT.

On Friday I made some changes to our website which I posted about on my Blog. If you haven't had a chance to read about them there, here's the scoop.

Monday will mark the 2nd anniversary of the Punished Brats members’ site. So in honor of that achievement, I gave the site a little mini facelift. Nothing too drastic, but I made a few changes in navigation, updated the photos of our models, and added short video clip samples to go along with each update description on the home page. Please note, these clips are only available in WMV for right now as I’m only able to cut Windows clips, not the Real Media version. The revisions are still a work in progress though so hopefully when I have a little more time, I’ll be able to add RM versions as well.

If you take a look at the newly revised home page, you may notice a little note regarding upping our video resolution. Yes, I’m very pleased to announce that all of the content we will be shooting from tomorrow on will be available at 1500 kbps clips (in both Windows and Real Media) when used for updates in the members’ section. This will mean greater clarity and enhanced viewing pleasure, but also markedly increased file size and download speeds. For those of you that prefer zippier download speeds, we will continue to offer the clips at a lower resolution (768 kbps) as well. Since all of the content we have filmed to date has already been edited, updates featuring content from previous shoots will only be available at the 768 kbps resolution. I do try to work in new content as soon as it is edited and available, so we should all be able to enjoy some higher resolution video within the next couple of weeks.

Hope you enjoy the new look and I'm very eager to begin sharing the great content we shot yesterday in higher resolution!

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