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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

Thank you to everyone that partcipated in the online survey about what implments you enjoy seeing in Punished Brats scenes. While we still intend to feature plenty of classic hand spankings, it's always nice to be in touch with members' preferences when we do incorporate an implement into the punishment.

The hairbrush was the winner by far with 30% of the total votes. A truly classic implement of domestic discipline, it fits easily into many of our scenarios as it's not hard to imagine one being within reach in most households. It's also a heavy favorite of both David Pierson and our director Eric so we tend to feature the hairbrush quite a bit in our scenes already. But for variety's sake, we do like to include some the other implements as well and the belt, wooden spoon, and small OTK paddles can also be worked in nicely.

We received a few emailed suggestions for implements that were not included on the survey and that have not yet been featured in any of our videos. One that I liked in particular is the ping pong paddle. Like the hairbrush, it is an implement that is effective, but would be in the house for other purposes than just spanking. I may need to make a trip out to the sporting goods shop and see if I can find one that is a good weight, not padded, and is up to the job of spanking some naughty brats.

Some implement suggestions were a bit outside the scope of our site. While they are no doubt effective tools for punishment, we do not feel that they fit within our girl-next-door domestic discipline style of spanking and anal insertions are not something we wish to incorporate into our scenes.

But be sure to tune in as we continue to bring you naughty brats with bright red bottoms courtesy of hand, hairbrush, paddle, spoon, belt ... and ping pong paddle soon!

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