Punished Brats
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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

Chloe had a very, very busy day on the set of Punished Brats. She was over the knee, over the chair, on the bed, and up against the wall getting her bratty bottom punished. No matter where she went it seemed like she was getting spanked, paddled, or strapped for something ... just as she ought to be!!!

Strapped in an itsty bitsy, teeny weeny polka dot plaid bikini
First a straight to the bare bottom hand spanking from Paul ...
and then a mouthsoaping from Veronica for using filthy language. She asked for it. Literally, Chloe asked to experience what a mouthsoaping is like. Not that it stopped her from cursing like a sailor the rest of the day anyway!
Two cranky brats stuck in the car with one very unhappy Veronica
And you know what happens when Veronica isn't happy.
Chloe demonstrated lots of high flying kicks while getting spanked with a leather paddle by David.
Chloe picked this paddle (made by Poppa Mark) out herself for this scene. She then regretted her choice by about the tenth swat.
Chloe was strapped while wearing this sexy little oufit. Hottttt!!!
Oh and did I mention the platform pumps she wore? One whizzed by Veronica's head and left a dent in the wall. Chloe is one dangerous brat.

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