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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

What an absolutely amazing shoot we had yesterday! We had two new fresh faces join us, but they both jumped right into every scene and bonded with the PB team as if they'd been with us since the very beginning. It was a long day of shooting as always, but everyone kept commenting that it was so much fun that it didn't feel like work at all. Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy ... and so we did. :)

Nyssa Nevers shed the most beautfiul tears in every scene. She said her mascara and tear streaked face reminded her of The Crow. And with her bottom set aglow in four scenes, it's no wonder why she cried so much.

My favorite was when she dressed in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform and was punished for pretending not to speak English to get out of doing her schoolwork. Her ad libbed lines had the rest of us on set cracking up. "You're scaring ... my butt!"

I also warned Nyssa that if she were to suddenly find her schoolgirl uniform missing, check my bag. It's simply adorable! I have major uniform envy and may not be able to control myself.

Lily Anna really got into character in every role she was cast. She also really got her bottom roasted as she was spanked, paddled, and strapped! Lily is such a sweet girl with a bubbly personality, but as soon as she gets spanked - watch out! She will kick and scream with all her might.

Lily and I had the opportunity to chat for a few hours as we carpooled back and forth to the set. It made the long ride so much more fun as we chatted about anything and everything from vanilla life to spanking and modeling experiences. I look forward to getting together again soon whether it be on the PB
set or off.

I was pretty busy running around doing behind the scenes work yesterday (I took some fun bonus photos and did mini intro interviews with the girls so be sure to check back for those next week), but that didn't mean that I got off spank-free! In fact, I started my day with an intense paddling from Coach Veronica using a handcrafted paddle courtesy of our friend Poppa. What a wakeup call that was!


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