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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

Here are some preview photos from each of the scenes we shot on March 21st. The Pixie's Previews video clip should be ready by next week. Enjoy!

Beverly's new personal trainer doesn't take missed appointments lightly and has designed a very painful custom workout for her.
Lavender may be a bad tenant, but she is a great spankee. And Beverly, in super spanker mode, showed her no mercy.
This bath brush is no day at the beach! Even if my bikini bottoms had been left up, they would have been little protection from this heavy brush. Owww!
Beverly is caught on Nannycam stealing some of Veronica's belongings. Just wait until you see where she's stashed them!
Lavender got a really hard bare bottom spanking, but poor David was punished too when his hand collided with that pointy shoe. Didn't get Lavender out of one minute of her punishment though!
Wearing panties like that, Lavender is just asking for a spanking!
Beverly's actions and attitude have gotten her in a ton of legal trouble; even earning her a painful strapping from her lawyer.
Beverly gave me a bun burning paddling for cheating. Don't mess with a spanker with buff arms like Bev's!
When Lavender shows up late to the detention she got for being late, it's clear that a tougher punishment is in order. She's in big trouble now.
Magazine editor Veronica has a few things to teach Ms. Bacci about a proper work ethic and includes a bonus lesson - red is always in fashion.


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