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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

Here are some preview photos from each of the scenes we shot last weekend.

Sarah received the first spanking of the day from Susan. Here Sarah has to pay the price for some wild actions on spring break.
Major color coordination here. Red pants, red shirt, red bottom as Beverly gives her friend Nyssa an OTK hand spanking.
I received a hard strapping from Susan using our pretty new leather toy. It has little hearts on it, but the cute pattern doesn't make it hurt any less!
Nyssa's repeated lies have earned her an OTK spanking by hand and cherry wood paddle from Aunt Susan.
Sarah felt the sting of David Pierson's hand and the small leather paddle in her first on camera M/F spanking scene.
Beverly appears quite pleased with the spanking she delivered as Nyssa examines her marked bottom.
Watching Sarah's bottom get smacked by Coach Bacci's frat paddle was unnerving. I literally jumped and cringed as she took her hard punishment ...
especially as I knew I was next. And that more than likely we'd both end up on the receiving end again together.
When a hand spanking wasn't enough to punish Sarah for repeatedly leaving her keys in the door, Beverly grabbed a hairbrush. But in the battle of brush vs. bottom, Sarah's buns won and the brush cracked!
Protestor Nyssa made a key error when she broke into the nuclear science center instead of the animal research facility. Mistaken for a spy, she is spanked by the head of security.
And for the last scene of the day, Sarah received a wake up strapping from Susan for refusing to get up and out of bed on time. It's hard not being a morning person in an early rising world ... especially with such a strict mom like Susan.

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