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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

I've begun adding conent from our most recent shoot to the members' section starting with Sarah Gregory's first ever on camera M/F spanking. David Pierson uses a leather paddle to deliver a tough disciplinary spanking to pretty pink pajama clad Sarah in Manipulation.

Also just added this week is my strapping scene with Susan. We tested out one of our new implements - a strap with little hearts pressed into the leather. The decoration on the strap may be cute, but there was nothing cute about the spanking it delivered. My bottom was on fire!!! Check out the scene entitled Family Strap in the members' section now (part 1 posted 5/15, part 2 to go up 5/22).

I'm working on the update schedule for the next 6 weeks (I like to work ahead) and I'm trying to decide which of Nyssa's scenes to put up next when her rotation comes up. There are five scenes to choose from; four from our most recent shoot and one left from Nyssa's first shoot with us back in December. Here are preview photos and brief descriptions for each one. Let me know what your input is by voting on the poll below (any votes that were emailed will be included in the tally as well). All of the scenes will be added to the members' section in time, but help me pick which one to
put up next.

Litterbug - Nyssa threw trash out the window and earned the driver, Beverly, a ticket. Nyssa thinks it's silly, but Beverly is furious and spanks her before collecting the money for the fine.
Break In - Nyssa broke into the wrong building and wound up at a nuclear research facility, not the animal testing lab she expected. Mistake or not, security can't let the trespass slide.
No Punishment - Nyssa finally confesses to breaking an expensive vase months ago. Susan agrees not to punish her for the vase, but spanks her for lying about it.
Email Virus - Nyssa is spanked by her boss Beverly for opening inappropriate emails at work and infecting the entire network with a virus.
Young Teacher - Nyssa is spanked by Principal Pierson for befriending and not disciplining her own students.


I'm working on an interview with Beverly Bacci which I hope to have ready to go for next week's Pixie's Previews. Be sure to check back next week to learn more about the lovely Ms. Bacci.

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