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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

Thank you to everyone that participated in last week's poll to determine which of Nyssa Nevers' scenes would debut in the members' section next. The clear winner is Young Teacher starring Nyssa, David Pierson, and lots of Miss Nevers' lovely tears. Look for her scene to go up on June 24th.

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Beverly Bacci. Beverly has worked with us since nearly the very inception of Punished Brats and it's a delight to have her as a regular member of the Punished Brats family. Hope you'll enjoy getting to learn a litle bit more about the fascinating
and multi-faceted Ms. Bacci.

You’ve been doing more scenes lately as a spanker. You are a natural and seem to be enjoying the role. Is topping a new development or have you always had the interest?

Topping is a relatively new development, as I have recently felt comfortable enough with my more dominant side. This change has become apparent to me in my day-to-day life as well, in that I'm more comfortable expressing myself and taking the bull by the horns, so to speak.

Do you find it’s an advantage having been on the receiving end of a spanking many times before? Do you feel that it gives you a better idea of how to exact a firm spanking or do you perhaps end up sympathizing with the spankee knowing how painful it can be?

Definately an advantage. I got a feel for positioning, rhythm, etc when I was on the receiving end. I know that there is no ONE RIGHT WAY to spank, but it was certainly helpful for me to get a feel for the topping styles of a variety of spankers.

As for sympathizing with the spankee, I quickly learned how outrageous the pain tolerance of some models can be (ahem, Pixie) so I focus more on giving a decent whooping.

What is your favorite role to play as a spankee? As a spanker?

As a bottom I certainly feel most natural in the snobby little twat of a girl who can't be bothered with things like discipline. Perhaps this speaks volumes of what my immediate family went through during my adolescence, but worth every minute I'd say!

For topping, I enjoy expressing my inner rage that tends to build up throughout the week. Perhaps that isn't the right way to put it, since it's not as though I'm taking it out on the spankee...it's just that I've managed to internalize certain inner dialogue (you know, when you walk away from a jerk boss and think to yourself "shoulda' told 'em how STUPID they look with their STUPID hairy knuckles and stained shirt!" But more eloquent, of course). I also enjoy being intimidating...so perhaps a cross between ice-queen teacher and leather-clad Domme..

What scenario that you have not done before would you like to try?

Topping a a cute little boy in frilly panties (him, not me). 'Nuff said.

What is your biggest spank related pet peeve?

When I'm being spanked bare bottom, I hate the awkward transition from OTK to standing in the corner or walking off, while trying to get my pants back up. It feels awkward and humiliating...mmm..perhaps that's the point though?

The spanking community tends to favor fuller cut bikini panties versus thongs. What’s your personal preference? What do you wear in real life?

For a peek at my panty selection go here. Those are all articles which I've worn on shoots. To be honest, in real lifeI don't wear panties. I wear thongs when I absolutely must, but anyone who's been around me after two drinks knows that my undergarments usually wind up in the wastebasket of the ladies room, even if I'm wearing a short skirt and riding my bicycle. Let's hope I'm never photographed emerging from a limo or else I'll officially become a cliche.

What made you respond to our ad looking for spanking models? Fun? Interest in spanking? Money?

Money is the simple answer...but nothing's ever so simple, yes? I have always sought out unconventional work and I find that the adult industry is full of the most interesting and unique people, which means working is fun. I can't stand dull people.

By the time I came across PB, I'd already done the topless dancing thing (loved the pole, HATED the clientele), phone sex, and internet sex modeling. None of them were quite a decent fit, I had issues with the establishments and felt like no one gave a shit about myself or any of the other employees. Independent contracting was the way to go so I just began hiring myself out for fetish modeling gigs.

David Pierson gave me the best piece of advice to get me started which was get an online modeling portfolio through a well-known network. I did just that and wound up getting a myriad of shoots lined up. After having worked in the spanking fetish scene for several years, I have found that it grew on me....and somehow has crept into my personal life.

Had you ever been spanked before shooting with us?

Nope. And I had NO IDEA my butt would react the way it did!!!

You always dress super fashionably no matter what the scene. What is your favorite thing to be spanked in?

Skirts/dresses, without a doubt (see "what annoys me question"). I actually have several poofy skirts (my own fetish) at home that I'd love to bring to a shoot sometime...

Absolutely! Let's chat about ways to work in a super poofy skirt into your next shoot.

How comfortable are you with implements? Both giving and receiving?

I'm learning to be more comfortable with implements on the giving end - I LOVE to use the crop but ultimately don't want to hurt anyone.

As for receiving, I like a good strapping, bent over a desk or standing against a wall. OTK gets too hot and sweaty for me sometimes and I have a fear of my flailing movements causing me to roll off the top and land on the floor.

In addition to spanking, some of the discipline scenes you’ve done before have included mouth soapings. Are there any other traditional punishments that you have tried or would like to?

Gosh, do I LOVE a good mouth soaping. I'd like to administer one sometime. As far as other traditional punishments, none come to mind except forcing someone to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes at once for getting caught smoking...but I doubt that would ever happen at a PB shoot! I suppose I like imagining punishments to fit the crime, so you'll have to throw a couple offences in my direction for me to come up with a good answer.

I really like your idea of being forced to smoke a whole pack after being caught with cigarettes. Let's see what we can do to make it happen.

What other fetishes do you enjoy?

I have trouble defining fetish. I can list several things that get me really excited but aren't necessarily required in the bedroom, although are welcome:

Military uniforms
Petticoats/frilly poofy skirts

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love being physically active; I began running competitively about a year ago and just recently took up aerial dance classes. Right now I'm learning the hoop or Lyra, which is a metal hoop in which one spins and does various tricks. It takes a massive amount of upper body strength so I'm constantly challenged.

I also am an artist and have been spending more time in my studio lately, creating up a storm. Perhaps someday I'll tell you more, but at the moment it's very personal to me. And when I'm totally chilling out, I love nothing more than to have a couple glasses of wine with the hubs and our two child-like cats whom I love to no end. My new thing is the daily grooming ritual which our older one absolutely relishes. And his coat is so shiny and soft now.


Beverly's next scene, Nanny Cam, will premiere in the members' section this Friday, June 5th.
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