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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

A little bit more about the scenes we shot last week ...

Charlie was spanked by her parole officer after dismantling her house arrest anklet and sneaking out. The naughty little criminal should have figured a way to sneak out of her spanking!
No doubt that candystriper Tina Tink makes the patients feel a little better when she walks in the room, but she got in big trouble with Dr. Veronica for distributing medication ... and a few other suprising acts.
Charlie bought every stitch of clothing she owns using Veronica's credit card without permission so she's ordered to take it all off before receiving her punishment.
Summer intern Pixie's carelessness has made a complete mess of David's office.
Mr. Pierson is fussy about his pool and does not appreciate the neighbors swmming in it without permission.
Veronica is always threatening Pixie with a spanking but never follows through. But much to Pixie's dismay, she finally makes good on her promise.
Tina is in the middle of making an instructional video on cheating when she's caught by her mom. Veronica then uses the opportunity to broadcast how naughty girls get paddled.
Charlie was caught smashing mailboxes with a wooden bat and earns a spanking with a leather strap!
Student teacher Tina suffers through a very hard paddling after being caught in inappropriate situations wtih her students.
Charlie hated being the only girl in her class to not get in trouble, but when she is finally getting punished, she hates the spanking even more.

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