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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

Here are the preview photos from the remaining scenes from our shoot on December 12th. If you missed the rush photos from last week, be sure to check them out here.

Tina gets a hairbrush spanking for falling down on her duties as
a maid.
David spanks Lily Anna for refusing to pitch in with any chores after returning home.
I get in big trouble when agreeing to pose for naughty photos in my school uniform
Lily Anna's lawyer Susan is upset when she recants all of her testimony on the stand.
Tina gets her hand smacked by Principal Pierson when she continues to try to protect her bottom.
Lily Anna purposely throws the spelling bee. Her super competive coach shows her upset with a firm hairbrush spanking.
Tina's legal team has reached a most unusual agreement regarding her sentence.
I forgot to mail in a car insurance payment for Susan and I pay the price when she is given a ticket during a routine stop.


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