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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come in the members section.

Lavender receives the strap from her boss Michael after she repeatedly raids the office fridge "borrowing" from others' lunches. Lavender has blown her entire paycheck on cute shoes and a new bag, but she never should have taken Michael's cookies!
Lorraine didn't realize she'd been caught skipping second period yet again, but a school administrator had notified her dad, David, and he was waiting for her when she got home from.
Lavender's assistant, Veronica, is tired of the girl treating her poorly and using company funds for her own shopping trips. Veronica doesn't care if the girl is the CEO's daughter, she is going to teach her a lesson she should have learned a long time ago.
Diva socialite Lavender Rayne let her little dog wreck the hotel room and refused to cover the damages. But David made sure she paid the price!
Michael took off his belt and made a terrifying snapping sound with it letting me know I was about to receive a solid strapping. Turns out I had every reason to be nervous. Ouch!
Lorraine had skipped school to enjoy a few beers with her friend Angelina while mom was at work. But when mom Veronica comes home early, Angelina runs off and leaves Lorraine to get spanked.
Lorraine has always been able to get out of trouble by giving her dad Michael her most adorable little pout. But it's not working anymore and it's time for her to go OTK.
The girls of Kappa Gama are thrilled to see my little tattletail tail get paddled after getting them all in trouble.
Lavender was mad that her request for a day off was denied and decided to exact revenge by destroying the company's network. When she's caught, she'll not only have to keep working, but she's going to be doing it standing up!
Shoot, you know you're in big trouble when not one, but two people are looking at you like this.
Lorraine was warned the next time she got in trouble, she'd be getting the hairbrush. And boy did she!
And check out this cast photo. If Veronica isn't begging for a spanking, then I don't know what!


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