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Pixie's Previews
Amber "Pixie" Wells gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoot and what's to come at Punished Brats.

I have a few test clips in upgraded formats that I'd like you to check out. I still need to make some minor adjustments, but I want to make sure that you are able to view them properly first.


The clips all feature the same 20 seconds of the lovely Angelina dancing in the nude. What a naughty thing to do! You can rest assured that she'll be properly punished for this by dance mistress Azul. But before I can release the full spanking videos, we must make sure the formats play correctly.


The first two are Windows Media Format - one at 1500 kbps which would become the standard and one at 2500 which would be the high quality version

Windows Media 1500


Windows Media 2500


The other two are in H.264 mp4 format which should offer excellent quality and can be played on any universal media player, quicktime player, and even newer mobile devices such as an ipad. You'll be able to enjoy your brats on the go! Note that on mobile devices, you will not be downloading the videos, but you will be able to watch them playback online by simply clicking on the link. These versions are available at 1200 kbps and 2000 kbps.


H.264 1200


H.264 2000

These are not necessarily the final formats and bitrate. Just looking for feedback at ths time that you are able to play your preferred video format and if you see an appreciable dfference in quality with the higher Kbps setting. I am not seeing a significant dfference in quality between the two H.264 mp4 files and think they both look good. We will likely only offer one of these bitrates and of course the 1200 would mean smaller file size and faster downloads for you.


Please confrm if the files play for you and enjoy the improved resolution. Please email me at pixie@punishedbrats.com with this feedback.


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